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Among the most charming developments of the Southwestern Indian artist is that of the
storyteller figurine, an adaptation of centuries-old creations in figurine pottery.

Cultural traditions and values have historically been passed on by tribal elders through songs and
stories geared to teaching the young. It is in these delightful representations that the intense
love of the Indians for their children is most clearly shown. Created from the same native clays as
other pottery, storyteller figurines range in height from approximately 2 inches to 10 inches.

We represent some excellent Storyteller artists.

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A - F

Hopi Pottery

G - LHopi Pottery
M - SHopi Pottery
T - Z Hopi Pottery
Mary Chalan
Virginia Chinana
Alma Concha
Antoniette Concha
Tony Dallas
Chris Fragua
Felicia Fragua

Caroline Gachupin
Joseph Gachupin
Dorothy Herrera
Judy Lewis
Fannie Loretto
Diane Lucero

Lupe Lucero

Phyllis Nez
Hannah Pecos
Marilyn Ray
Rose Pecos Sun Rhodes
Snowflake Flower

Anita Toya
Judy Toya
Vernita Toya
Dorothy Trujillo
Emily Fragua Tsosie



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