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Navajo Sandpaintings

The Navajo word for sandpaintings means "place where the gods come and go."

The sandpainting has been used for centuries in religious rituals, including healing ceremonies
performed by Navajo medicine men. A s andpainting for a ceremony is made on the
ground in the ceremonial hogan and destroyed at the end of the ritual.

In order to preserve this long-standing tradition, in the late 1940's Navajos began to create
permanent sandpaintings, changing the design slightly to protect the religious significance
when these paintings were shown publicly. Pictorial sandpaintings which reflect the
environment and lifestyle are also made. Today sandpaintings are made by slowly
trickling sand through the hand onto epoxy-covered particle boards, using sand made from
naturally colored crushed rock, stone, and minerals for the different shades and colors.

The sandpainting is intended to be hung within a frame or by attaching picture
hangers to the back of the board.

Penfield Gallery of Indian Arts represents sandpainters from the Navajo Nation,
mainly from the Shiprock, New Mexico area. Please click on an artist's name to view their work.

A - D

Hopi Pottery

E - LHopi Pottery
M - SHopi Pottery
T - ZHopi Pottery

Donovan Begay
Jasper Begay
Josina Begay
Veronica Begay
Darrell Ben
Herbert Ben, Sr.

Jen Ben
Joe Ben, Jr.
Rosabelle Ben
John Benally
Lehi Benally
Jack Black
Tracy Bryant
Deanna Bryant
Tom Clark

Hosteen Etsitty
Eddie Foster
Theresa Frank
Tanya Hogue
Robert James
Eugene Baatsoslanii Joe
Darlene Johnson
Heather Johnson
Lester Johnson
Jeanette Johnson

Rita Johnson
Bilson Kee
David Lee
Wilton Lee

Frank Martin
Phoebe Masquat
Fredrick Myerson
Orlando Myerson
Sammy Myerson

Debbie Nez
Glen Nez
Gloria Nez
Jenny Shorty

Sandra Thomas
Herman Tom

Norman Tom
Albert Tsosie
Carmelita Tsosie
Samuel Tsosie
Herman Tyler
Virginia Tyler
Howard Watchman
Michael Watchman
Alfred Yazzie
Alta Yazzie
Pauline Yazzie



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