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Staley Natewa


Staley Natewa | Zuni Fetish Carver | Penfield Gallery of Indian Arts | Albuquerque | New Mexico STaley Natewa was one of the most talented carvers at Zuni. Staley died at a relatively young age in early 2003. Staley started carving Zuni Fetishes in 1995 with the influence and teaching of Lance Cheama. Staley's cousin Diana Natewa was married to great Zuni carver Travis Lasiloo. Staley's intricate Picasso Marble fetish carvings of lizards, horned toads and snakes are some of the most magnificent pieces of contemporary Zuni Fetish art found today.
Staley Natewa | Zuni Mating Lizards Fetish | Penfield Gallery of Indian Arts | Albuquerque, New MexicoSL-1






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