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Ellen Quandalacey


Ellen Quandalacey | Zuni Horse Fetishes | Penfield Gallery of Indian Arts | Albuquerque, New Mexico ELLEN Quandalacey was the matriarch of the renowned Quandalacey sibling fetish carvers, including Stewart, Faye, Sandra, Georgia, Andres, Avery, and Albenita Yunie. Ellen made jewelery with her husband Dixie (1908-1979). She became a Zuni carver and well known for her Grandmother fetish necklaces and her horse fetishes carved in the old style. Ellen Quandalacey learned to carve from her father, Johnny Quam. Ellen died in 2002.
Ellen Quandalacey | Zuni Horse Fetish | Penfield Gallery of Indian Arts | Albuquerque, New MexicoSL-1



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